Working Conditions

So what is my working conditions?

Welll here are the facts about my QTHs.

Home QTH.
At home i got a..
Kenwood TS-850S
Icom IC-7100 (that one needs to be repaired)
And a old IC-201 that need to be fixed i bought it really cheap at a yard sale.

A short wire (LW) around 11m long with a 4:1 balun going over the roof.
This one works surprisingly well specially on the low bands.
I even had some QSOs on 160 with that one.
But on 40 it is dong a really good job.
I guess i have the grounding and the height to thank for that.
Also i have a vertical  for 10 to 12 meter. Need to change the koax to the antenna switch thou.
With that one I have a swedish record in ARRL 10m and also another #1 im SM in a other ARRL contest.
That one is around 25 meters up.
I also have a HB9CV for 2m pointing forward Denmark and Germany.
And a 10m mobile antenna that is around 2m long, that i use now but its temporary just using it till i changed the koax.
The LW (short wire) will be made longer and I will place it different running along with the roof instead of how it is now, going over the roof.

Other equipment
I the microphone Is a studio mike going thru a Berhinger mixer board.
And a power/SWR meter Diamond SX-100
I also have a Astatic michrophone and a Turner Super Sidekick

And I also use a UR6QW 8 bands EQ with compressor and echo that one is used with the front of a ic-7100 for remote use (se further down)

My Remote QTH.
But mostly I run from my remote QTH in northern part of Sweden.
There I have…

A Icom IC-7100

I got a 2 el spider quad for 10/15/20 meter mounted in a tower that at this point is around 12m up.
That tower where put up in the summer 2017, and since the soils needs to settle a bit I haven’t raised it to max yet.
It will be raised max this summer (2018) till about 18 meter.
I also have a dipole for 40 and 80m a Fritzel A W3-2000 with the feeding point around 10m up.
But that one will also be raised up to around 15 meter if all goes as planned.
I have a 52 meter Longwire for 160m with a 9:1 balun and some ground planes.
That one is a bit low so it dont works that good tbh but it is a really good listening antenna.
But this summer it will be remade and made as a inverted V for 160 and also get placed higher up.
I got a 3 element beam for 6 meter, and a duo vertical for 70 cm and 2 meter band.
That is mounted around 9m up.
But this summer it will be replaced with a duo band beam with 5 el for 2m and 8 for 70cm.
And also a small rotor will be placed on that one.
And a Gap titan will hopefulle also be put up as a vertical alternative for the other antennas.
That will also give me the warc bands.
But I need to buy a new antenna switch before I can do that since i now only have one for 5 antennas and the spider quad has separably feeders for the elements.

Other equipment.
All is hooked up to remote rig and antenna selection and rotor is controlled by remote rigs web switches.

But sometimes I also work from the club SK7OA (with contest call SK7K)

So thats it