A total list of my equipment

Well i thought i would make a list of what i have laying around.
Some in use, some waiting for being used and some never to be used just laying around haha.

Lets start at home QTH.

Home QTH antennas

  • A Sirio Gain master for 10 -11 m (work ok on 12m as well)
  • a about 11m long or as i call it a shortwire with a 4:1 balun.
  • Going over the roof and has mount point in the gain master and feed point really close to roof (i hopefully will change it how it is mounted in the future)
  • A mobile antenna for 10m (about 2m in length)
  • A HB9CV for 2m in locked direction forwards denmark (and west germany) hopefully it will be changed soon to next in list.
  • A 70cm/2m duoband beam  5el 2m 8 for 70cm singel feed.
  • That one is laying builded and waiting to get up on a small rotor i also got.
  • A mobile stick for 2m
  • and many other strange antennas i builded and experimented with hehe.

The antennas is controlled by a 5 port remote antenna switch by Healhkit (HD-1481)

Other antennas not being used at the moment

  • As a alternative antenna
  • Butternut HV-2, the same goes for this one. This one will be a alternative antenna for 40/80m at remote QTH hopefully.
  • A Fritzel FB33 yagi, this one is laying at a friend of mine. Bought it cheap.
  • A FD4 windom antenna, where first used at remote QTH for 40/80m

The remote QTHs antennas.


  • A Hurricane spider quad for 10/15/20 about 12m up in a tower (not raised to full size yet newly been raised and soil has to set before i raise it further its telescopic and tiltable tower around 18m fully raised not counting tube)
    (Rotator is a HAM IV)
  • A  Fritzel W3-2000 duo trap dipol for 40/80m feeding point around 9m up.
    Ends around 4-5 meters about ground.
  • A Duo vertical for 2m and 70cm, Diamond X 300N mounted on a pipe mast about 9m up for repeater use 

And they are controlled by a RCS-8V antenna switch

So what radios do i have then?
Well lets go on with it hehe...


  • I got two Icom IC-7100 one that needs repairs that will be at home or for remote at club later on. And another at my remote QTH in SM3 area.
  • I have a IC-746 that are at the club, but sadly that also now needs repair.
  • I also hav a Baofeng 5b and a old icom 2m rig that is not being used (i even forgot the model haha)
  • I also have some old cb radios laying around one I plug in now and then its a Alan 8001

Other equipment


  • Remote rig equipment.
    I got the RRC equipment for remote and the webswitch for antenna selection and controlling the rotor
  • a 5 ports antenna witch from remote rig (used at club)
  • power supply: Maas SPS-50-II, 50-55 ampere. At the remote QTH
  • power supply: 2 x PS1310 at home QTH for the radios  and a small PS1303 for rrc and other equipments.
  • Power supply: skytronic 20 - 27 ampere (needs repairs give 24 amps)
  • Amplifier: Yeasu FL-2100 @ home QTH
  • power/swr meter Diamond SX-100 @ home QTH
  • mixer: Behringer eurotrax MX-602A (at this moment it just used for powering the studio mick with 48v) @ home QTH
  • 8 bands equalizer, UR6QW a 8 band EQ with compressor and echo @ home QTH
  • microphone BM - 700 Condenser mic. Bough from china and it has really good audio so it where good for the price. @ home QTH.
  • ETM-8C keyer (borrowed from the club)

Well that's what i remember now what i have haha.


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