CQWW CW - 2016 final and stats

#5 Sweden #248 sweden #412 world
Worked CQWW CW this weekend.
Another CW contest and well as you if you visited this site before know i cant any CW.
I know how to call cq and my call.
And i know how %NN sounds and TU and ?
And well thats about it.

I could not run whole test since i where on a party on Saturday and i did not want to miss that.
Started on friday nigh ran a few hours but after a weeks work i also needed some sleep.
Ran alittle before went to the party on Saturday.
And ran a little when i came home the party.
And a few hours on Sunday.
Sadly the remote stopped worked, i think someone put in the front of the radio.
So I lost the connection and that felt a bit sad i where closing in to one of my goals 100k

Ended upp with 96565p and 250 QSOs
But well im happy with that specially not worked that many hours and not knowing CW.

Here are som stats


Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:


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