About me

Who am I?
Well i will try so give you a short briefing.
But its not easy to sum up in a few lines who I am but I try.

Im 48 Years old (or young depending on the viewer ofc) and I live in southern part of Sweden.
In a town named Helsingborg.
Its close to danish boarder just 20 min with ferry.
But I have lived in the middle part of Sweden mostly of my life.

My interest for radio begun a long time ago.
I think i where around 7-8 years old when i started to think it where "cool".
My Father and mother had a company that had several trucks.
And they all had CB radios and we had a base station at home for communication with them.
Yes this where before mobile phones ;)

When we moved up to northern part of Sweden i begun with CB myself and some friends i learned to know.
And we continued for a couple of years.
And so has it been since that.
On and off depending on other things that happened in life.

But every time i returned the interest got deeper and deeper.
And I have a friend in Kramfors where i lived before i moved to Helsingborg.
That have helped me loads when my interest has returned.
He is also a HAM operator and well he is one of the reasons my interest for HAM radio grown.

So when a friend of my asked if we should take the certificate I did not need to think long about it ;)
So now i got it and well thats the story so far ;)


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